Monday, September 27, 2010

Corporate Balloons Jobs..

Gunnedah Council Social Club Christmas Party

Gunnedah South Public School
End of Year Presentation

Downer Christmas Function

Gunnedah's Annual Porchetta Day....

This year i was asked to help with the decorations for the
Gunnedah Swimming Inc.
Deb of the Year Ball 2010.
The Theme:
Sapphire Blue, White & Silver
and Bubbles....
Here is what we did...
The Arch in the theme colours:
Clear Balloons with LED lights on the back curtain to represent the bubbles
Balloon Columns with Balloons inside the top balloon representing Bubbles and the theme colours.

To bring the ceiling of the PCYC down a little
we run lengths of white fabric, fairy lights
and dotted the fabric with balloons clusters in the theme colours

The table centrepieces
featured a single balloon representing bubbles
with the theme colours inside....
On a cluster of balloons..

We added a backdrop behind the head table with fairy lights
and bunches of helium balloons on long strings around the room....

The Winter Wonderland Cocktail Party
raising funds for the GS Kidds School
Hosted by K & K Roadstrum
was also held at the PCYC
A Featured of the area for the band was highlighted with a black backdrop
decorated with snowflakes
Funky Coloumns with the theme colours of
Black, Silver & White..

These snowflake coloums were dotted around the room

Stings of fairy lights run the length of the room
and had snowflakes hanging from the canopy

The ClubHouse Hotel
had a function for a 50th Birthday
A big archway welcomed patrons
And coloums dotted the room.

Gunnedah Business & Development Board
Business Awards 2009
Theme: Arabian Nights
This was held at the Town Hall.
The Arabian Nights theme was highlighted by the used of colours
and Tall Arabian Knight Characters.

The continued through the room with coloured table clothes, Lycra chair covers and coloured organza sashes, Cut Glass Vase Centrepieces on Mirrors with greenery..
Guests were welcomed with the theme commencing in the Smithhurst Theatre

Onto the stage....

And around the room.

The Combined Catholic Schools Deb Ball Committee
borrowed the theme for their
2009 Debutante Ball
The tables has matching table runners down the centre with a simple candle centrpiece

TLife Gunnedah
was opened in 2009
with Columns and Helium arch to welcome clients

The Combined Cathoilic Schools Debutante Ball Committee
celebrated the Ball in 2010 with the theme
Kissed by Snowflakes
Colours: Light Blue , Silver & White
Featuring a Curtain that opened from the centre
Balloon Arch & Coloumns
Snow covered Pine Trees
Snowflakes from the ceiling

Specialised Lighting with
Kissed By Snowflakes Gobo on the floor

Lots of draping
Light Blue
Satin Table Runners
White Lycra Chair Covers and Sashes
Custom Made Centrepieces featuring Snowflakes

Specially decorated main table
with draping, fairy lights and crystal garlands

Gunnedah Line Dancing
Christmas Tree Coloum

Specsavers Tamworth
Columns & Single Balloons

Dorothea Mackeller Awards 2009 & 2010
Arch with Columns
and Helium Balloons on long strings.